Pellet camp stoves

There are several types of camp stoves that use pellets, but by far the most efficient is the gasifier camp stove. What is a gasifier camp stove? A gasifier camp stove works by heating wood, pellets or other biomass. This heating causes a chemical decomposition or “pyrolysis” that creates gasses that are burned as a “secondary combustion”. In a normal fire these gasses are created and burned almost simultaneously. But when the gasses are generated but not burned immediately the process is known as gasification. The gasifier camp stove uses whats called “inverted (top burning) downdraft gasification”. The fuel actually gets burned twice for a more complete and cleaner burn. The primary air input helps feed the “primary combustion” (pyrolysis stage) and generates the gas. The secondary air input is mixed with the gas that is generated and is burned in the “secondary combustion” stage.

This process creates a very efficient gasifier camp stove that:

Uses far less wood than would be needed for a regular camp fire to cook.
Burns hot to cook food quickly.
Little or no smoke so there is very little camp fire smell.
Much cleaner burn than regular camp fire.
Readily available and abundant fuel – Never run out of fuel when cooking outdoors
Safer than propane, alcohol, or other liquid fuels.
Environmentally friendly.
Can more easily control the burn times and temperature.
Can be used when “no open fires are allowed”.
Can be small enough to carry in your backpack.
Several inexpensive ready built models available.

Here is a video demonstrating the Woodgas Camp Stove XL…

And another with the model LE…